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Welcome to the Mr Katos Hair Design information page. What we do premier is to provider the best in hair care. Our goal is to provide the very best in weaves and extensions. Because the main thing is to have friendly courteous professional attention to my clients. Take good care of them and have good time managemrnt. For every client of mine, we sit and talk we don't rush through it and it starts from the appointment to me. when they leave I hug my clients and tell them I appreciate their business. I want my valued customer, to be happy. .

Relaxers-Flat Iron and Wedding updo's

When it come to relaxers I used a no-lye conditioning creme relaxer. Some of my clients want their hair flat Iron and when I do I always  used a thermo heat protection spray it locks in moisture as I flat Iron the hair come back with some Argan oil and she good to go. Sometimes a wedding will come up and a client will want her hair up. Now it's time for a updo this will take some time to do so I will need for her to make appointment bock off some time but I can do it. and she will be happy when am done.


Weaves and Hair Extensions

When it comes to styling and doing weaves and hair extensions I think it's sort of word of mouth.But the best hair to used is Cuticle Remy it's stronger, healthier, more vibrant and last longer I recommend it to all my clients who want a weave are extensions. Now their are different types of hair weaving techniques.Bonding is perhaps the easiest method of hair weaving it can lasts one to several weeks.Sew-in or net weave it's call your hair is cornrowed then a net is put over the head so I can sew-in the weave hair to the net. Sew-in is the best way to go it can laasts up to three months. and can give your own hair a rest. Track weave is nice I do a lot of track weaves I make tracks I sew in one track at a time then I lay down your hair over the tracks this is a technique mainly used to thicken the appearance of your hair ideal for Caucasian women, not African American women if you don't have a perm relaxers.